Hi Sammy, I would like to thank you for helping me decide what kinda vehicle I needed it for my family. I have made the right choice to go with Van, price is great and the Van drives very very nice. Me and my family is very thank full to you. Sincerely,
Muneer A. Dar
  I would like to thank Sam at Autoway Sales for finding my "dream car". I can testify to the quality and careful selection that Autoway Sales makes with its automobiles. All inquiries were answered, and I recieved lots of attention in the carrying out of the sale. If you have been searching and are fed up with disappointing trips to see cars, give Autoway Sales a visit. You will not be disappointed.
Leah Neldon
    I recently purchased a car from Sam at Autoway Sales. Having been through this process many times before I found Sam to be very professional, courteous, and fair. He exemplified excellent customer service and went beyond what I would consider required or expected from any car dealer. I will buy more cars from him in the future and would certainly recommend anyone else to do the same.
  Sammy, I would like to thank you once again for my car. Its is excellent, and it suits me to a tee. I would also like to thank you for not being pushy like most car salesmen, and I will definetly send you some pictures to follow. Thanks again. Sincerely,

Katrina (Proud owner of a 1998 Z24)
    Sam went out of his way to get me a car that I liked, he worked with me the entire process, everything from how much it will cost to what color. The car Sam got me is everything I wanted in a family car and more. When you buy a car from Sam you do not buy just a car you get a friendship. Through out the process I was not sure who was more excited Sam or myself. It was Sams passion that really got me excited about buying a car. From the beginning Sam asked me for my business, which is something that no car dealership asked me for. Sam will not let you leave his lot in a car you can drive he will let you leave his lot in a car that you dream about. Thanks so much for everything Sam, if it was not for you I would be driving a car I just drive instead I drive a car I dream about at night. I truly am driving my way. All the best for you and your family.
Martin Fortier
Hi Sam!
I was just on your website because my co-worker was saying she needed a car and I told her about you. I noticed your testimonial section and wanted to add my two cents. You make buying a used car simple and easy. That is why I went back and bought my second car from you and I look forward to buying my third and fourth. Both have been great quality cars and I trust you!!! An honest used car dealer sounds like an oxymoron but I wanted everyone to know that they are in good hands with Sam!!!
    Autoway sales is by far the BEST way to buy a car that I know of. I recently purchased a 1999 Pontiac Sunfire with 110% confidence that I was getting a great car at a great price. This is now my 5th car in the 2 years I have had my license and it will truly be the best yet! I really appreciated the non pushy sales style Sammy has. Being in sales myself, I know how it is always easier to get a sale when you are with the customer the entire time, trying to push your product. Sammy stands behind all his cars with confidence he has the best to offer... and he does. Thanks for getting me the newest and cheapest car I owned to date Sammy. I will definetely be back with more customers for you and to take one of those Datsuns off your hands.
Sean Richardson
  Sam at Autoway has been instrumental in helping me re-live the pleasure of owning a 280zx Turbo. Restoring a “Hobby Car” is a pleasure when you have someone like Sammy to work with. He knows the cars, is honest and dependable, and most importantly, he enjoys what he does and wants you to enjoy your purchase. I would highly recommend Sam to prospective purchasers. Try him, you’ll like him!
Bob Sweeney

    I would like to thank you for providing me with my first car! Your open and friendly personality made it that much easier for us to chose Autoway sales. As excited I was to think that this car could be mine, you were so honest and encouraging that it truly showed the quality and faith you have in your cars. Thank you again for the great opportunity, I LOVE MY CAR!!
Hi Sam, shopping for a car with autoway sale was great, it was fast and easy to buy. The dealer was great, he did find the right car for me. The sales are cheapper at autoway sales.

    Sammy, I thought that I would take a minute to express my appeciation for your efforts in finding this vehicle (2003 Dodge Ram 1500) for me. Although I have had it but a few weeks it is my impression that this is a very good vehicle purchased at an exceptional price.
Rick Lauzon
BEST SERVICE EVER If you are looking to buy a second care or your first I would highly recommend AutoWay Sales At 5457 Albion Rd. South. I have just purchased a 2000 Lincoln Continental there and you could not ask for better treatment or service anywhere. I arrived at least 3 hours late to view the car but when I phone Sam on his cell phone he did not hesitate to tell me where I could come see the car. I test drove the car after 10pm that evening and gave a deposit right there. We made arrangements to finish the deal a couple days later but I had a problem, my check was going to be late. When I phoned Sam to inform him he simply said things happen and we rescheduled the appointment So if want to buy a car go see Sam at AutoWay Sales you will not be disappointed
Charles Whitford
Hi Sam, Thank you so much, and your son for your very honorable service as you got me the car I wanted at my desired price and even got it safetied in Quebec! Your kind and honest sales method really helped us be on the same page and understand what is really going on and to be able to deal with someone like you who is not insisting on the customer to buy at his price is really a charm. Your fast and effective service helped me get my car as fast as possible without compromising on the details. Your company is really one out of a million for its exceptional service and quality and I insist everyone to buy here as it is really the only place to shop for a new car. Thanks again!
Sebastien Guay
  I would like to send out a special thanks to Sam and his son for such great service and all their efforts. I finally found the car I have been looking for and Sam really made it possible for me to take it home. I would definitely recommend Auto Way Sales, to everyone. How can u lose with people who care? Thank you Sam!!!
Sarah and Margaret
We received terrific customer service from Amer and his Father. They went above and beyond usual service for us.
Bev and Fred Smeltzer
  We recommend this dealership, due to the fact that there are NO hidden fees. The vehicles are amazingly cheap and in great shape.
Tamara & Ryan
    I was looking for a simple and affordable car to help me get around especially during the transit strike. Sammy was a great help in finding me a suitable car that met my needs. The car is in a very good condition and he was honest about everything with me and gave me a good deal on it. Sammy is a man you can count on, he acts as an advisor before being a seller. I picked my car and he took care of all the paper work and by the second day the car was mine. Great quick service. Thanks, Thaer
  Hi Sam i just wanted to thank you ever so much for finding the best car for me! You knew it was my first car and that i was not very knowledgeable about cars but you were so honest and kind which you dont find very often in sales and especially with car dealerships and i just want to tell you it was greatly appreciated and good luck in the future! Thanks again Sam and take care ttysoon! :)
    Thank you Sammy for helping me find the perfect car. You are an honest and decent Salesman. It shines through that you genuinely care about your customers, and you go the extra mile to ensure that they will walk away happy. The services you have provided to me were excellent and I would recommend Autoway Sales to any one, any day of the week. If you want decent cars, decent prices and a Decent salesman then Autoway Sales is the place for you.
  Thanks for having the truck I have been looking for, for the last 10 years! You were very helpful in getting everything ready for the road on time!
    Thanks again Sam for all you did for us. You have a great inventory, and you definitely went the extra mile to help us. I would recommend Autoway Sales to anybody looking for a decent used car for a good price. Cheers Craig
Hey Sammy, The Potvin family would like to thank Sammy for the wonderful service that we received from Auto Way Sales. We recently purchased a 2000 Bonneville that was in mint condition, the price was right and runs like a brand new car. We are very happy with it especially our 17 year old Steven. We will see you next year Sammy to purchase our next car (Grand Prix). Also we will recommend our friends and family. Thanks again Sammy, it was a pleasure dealing with you. Mike, Janice, Steven and Joel Potvin
Janice Potvin
    I love my car! I love my car! I love my car! Thank you so much Sammy and Amer for helping me find the perfect car for me within my budget. Shopping for a car at autoway was Fast, Easy and Fun. You guys are the best, and I can not thank you enough. I am so happy with my car, and I recommend autoway to anyone who is looking for a car.
Steve Tozzi
I recently purchased a car from Sam and AutoWay Sales. After much shopping around I found with Sam, professionalism, no pressure, evident honesty and integrity and a car in incredible condition that I am thrilled with. Thanks! If you are looking for a good used car at a very fair price I would recommend checking with Sam.
Sam, Thankyou so much for the Wonderful service you have provided. I am so happy with my 2004 Optra LS. You totally understand my situation of loosing my Optra in an accident that I had only purchased 3 months prior. You went out of your way to make sure that I could end up with the exact same vehicle. You just dont know how much I appreciate that. You took care of all the details and when the heating malfunctioned you took care of that yourself. While you were busy with the car you and your son made us feel like we were part of your family. Now we are purchasing a Nissan Infinity as well from you. You understood that safety is the first priority in a vehicle. My family purchases many used vehicles and we have never had such wonderful service from anyone else. I will recommend you highly to everyone I know that would be looking to purchase their next car.
  Buying a car from Autoways was very simple and pressure free. Sam and his son were both extremely helpful and there was none of the hard sell that you get at other places. All of the cars we saw were of a high standard and good value. Sam explained all the details of the purchase and made a big effort to make sure that we got the car that best suited us. And all this was with a great welcome and friendly treatment throughout. I would heartily recommend Autoways.

Andrew Riddles

Hi Sammy!


Don and I would like to thank you for the great car, and the great care that you gave us.  You really care about your customers, your word, and your family, as it was obvious as you shared little stories during our time of buying this awesome Lincoln LS.  Very nice to have met you!


We want to share with others, that you are a no non-sense, caring entrepreneur, and that you were helpful in finding us the right car, covered the cost of minor glitch after we drove it home, and filled our tank, not once, but twice, and sent us away with smiles, waves, along with a sweet wash and shine!  It is a pleasure to share the word of Sammy’s honesty and superb service!


Thanks for your care Sammy, and we will always speak fondly of your kindness!

Best to you and your family in 2012!


Don and Lee-Anne

    I just wanted to give you a shout out. I have purchased 2 Subarus from you in the past and really enjoy the vehicles.You are always easy to deal with and your honesty is appreciated.


Adam in Ottawa!  #subieflow

  Just want to say thank you to Sam and the staff for a smooth and easy experience, this is my first car and I couldnt be more happy with the service and my new baby 04 Acura TL as my first car! Definitely the envy of all my friends.


    Just got home with the vehicle I purchases from Autoway Sales and I am very satisfied with the vehicle and with their staff I dealt with. They made me feel like a friend more than a customer and was very satisfied with the whole transaction. Would not hesitate to highly recommend them and definitely will to all my friends. As far as the pricing I feel I stole the vehicle from them rather purchasing it. Pricing was very fair. I am not related to these people and we had never met before. sincerely Gordon  
  Thanks a bunch autowaysales for my car! Finding your site when I had no hope of finding a car was the best thing ever! Everybody worked with me, your patience and professionalism is beyond this world! Thanks a lot! Sophie    
    Hey Sam I just wanna give my thanks to you and your staff. Not only have u sold me an outstanding first car for an amazing price but you were super friendly and dealing with you guys was great! I would recommend you to anyone!

Many thanks
  Very amazing service and amazing quality car I would recommend to anyone that needs a car to go to this place he is amazing with his customers Crystal    
  I am 76 years old and have purchased many vehicles throughout my lifetime, my experiences at Autoway Sales was by far the most pleasurable. Sammy and his staff made my vehicle purchase an absolute treat, I was treated with great respect, and they were always ready to listen to and answer all my questions. After sales service was extraordinary. I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend Autoway Sales to any of my friends. Ken Neidy    

Being the first time buying a vehicle from a car lot, I admit I was a bit nervous, and I was also buying it sight unseen. I put a lot of trust into a complete stranger, that the car was in good shape, and worth buying, and after multiple emails between Sammy and I, I was quite confident that I made the right choice! He was very accommodating, and definitely went above, and beyond, all of my expectations! I am the proud new owner of an 07 Chevy Cobalt SS with no regrets! Thanks so much Sammy, I definitely recommend Autoway Sales to anyone who is looking for a new used vehicle!!!

  Just bought my second vehicle from Sam at Autoway. Impressed with their happy spirit and honesty. They definitely go the second mile to ensure I am getting full value. Richard